right now, i am craving graham crackers with cream cheese slathered on them. i think this is because my breakfast consisted of one honey peanut balance bar, as will my lunch today, as will each breakfast and lunch from now until whenever i feel healthy again.

to assist this new resolve, i am trying to forget that there are fresh, warm bagels and cream cheese just a short walk down that hall …

i’m not doing this in any misguided attempt to supermodelize my figure in hopes of discovering self-worth in a 22-inch waistline, nope. i’m doing this because i’m sick of getting sick, i’m sick of being exhausted even after a full night’s sleep, and i’m sick of not exercising as much as i used to. i’m losing flexibility and gaining sqwudginess, and while i hear sqwudginess is in this year, i’d rather buck this trend.

in january, i quit smoking, which was a huge step for my overall health but it wasn’t enough. i’m just now admitting this to myself, too. the major problem i have now is that it gets dark before i get home from work, so bike-riding is no longer a real option; the streets we ride on are barely-lit and we don’t have bike headlights. chad has access to free workout facilities at lucasarts, but i don’t have any such thing here. enrolling in a fitness program or acquiring a health-club membership are expenses i can’t justify right now, and i’d probably be too intimidated to do much with either.

so do i resort to asking for tae-bo videotapes for christmas, or is there another solution?

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