i have no idea why i’m still up.

but yes, i am still up. and i’m still alive, too.

friday night, chad, chris and i went to sean and jason’s. we discussed the game scheduled for sunday (today, as i post this) and our characters and mechanics and whatnot. lots of whatnot. included in the whatnot was a rousing hand of “lunch money” which is just a fun game, period.

saturday was day two of game-geekery. some laundry was done, and the kitchen was cleaned, but basically chad and i hung out with chris at our place and talked about both campaigns extensively, and also played some “magic: the gathering” that just dissolved into silliness – if not for anything else but the fact that i won.

i drank coffee late with chris, who kept calling it “liquid ambrosia” so how could i resist making up a quick pot? that contributed to me working and working and working on website things that really didn’t need it. i also did research for another project, which is coming along slowly but that’s because i want to do it well; i know i have a tendency to slap things together just to have them partially done, otherwise i get discouraged from working on them.

all day i smelled like graham crackers, and this made me very happy. now for a few hours of sleep before the game.

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