kicked in the ass by irony

so last night on the phone with my dad and stepmom, i extolled the virtues of the palm pda and why everyone should have one, blah blah blah. on this “yay palm” kick, i went upstairs to sync mine, a three-part process since i not only sync it with my desktop but with my yahoo address book as well.

i get to work this morning and try to send yahoo mail, using aliases from my yahoo address book. it won’t work. thinking it a momentary bug, i skip over to my address book to take a look.

all but six of my personal contacts are gone. totally wiped. all of my business contacts are there, but the personal ones – all two hundred of them – are gone.

i must have looked like a crazed mole, digging through my backpack to check my palm for the lost contacts. they’re there. they’re there. it’s quite obvious now that yahoo’s truesync feature is neither true nor sync: discuss.

so good morning, mister irony. come on in, take a seat, mess with my compulsive recordkeeping, why don’t you?

all i wanted to do is send an email to a few people who have been looking for my shining, idling face online: bantu is working again, so here i idle away on your icq and yahoo messenger contact lists. drop a note and i’ll reply when i can!

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