the clocks have been turned back. the latest lorin synopsis, session four, has been posted. the ‘stedcam best of gallery has been reorganized. one of the ornery poems has been edited and set aside temporarily until i figure out where to submit it.

still to do: make dinner. heh. not like that’s hard for me or anything …

yesterday we ran around town, getting the last bits of our hallowe’en costumes for the ilm/lucasarts annual bash. we recycled our wedding outfits yet again, with slight tweaks: chad went as a musketeer and i went as a fairy princess. tons of glitter and a fake earring was involved. the party itself was overwhelming; there were so many incredible, unique costumes to see. at one point, we got hijacked by a group of pirates who were going to parade their costumes on stage for the judges, so we joined them (chad did look vaguely pirate-ish, after all). chad’s boss showed up as tommy lee which just broke my brain. another of chad’s coworkers was a vampire, complete with cat’s-eye contact lenses and fangs. there were lots of lucas-related costumes and some that just defied explanation.

the real treat of my evening was when i inadvertently made eye contact with george lucas and we smiled at each other.

i’m pausing to let that sink in.

i was so freaked out that i just clutched at chad’s arm – not interrupting him, he was chatting with a coworker – and stared blankly after the disappearing, um, legend of my youth and all. he was just wandering through the crowd, and i just happened to look away from the conversation to see him … coincidences, again.

yeah, yeah, he probably didn’t even see me, but don’t piss on my parade.

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