when it rains, it leaks

lulled by the gentle sound of rain outside, i fell fast asleep, happy to get to bed on time.

until i was woken up by the not-so-gentle sound of rain inside. rain inside sounded like plonk! plink! plonk! on my bathroom floor.

the ceiling vent leaked all damn night. chad, who cannot sleep through distractions, cut out early, heading downstairs to sleep on the couch. but not before trying to divert the flow into the top of my shower stall, or anywhere other than the floor, and finally into a tupperware container, although that seemed to make the plonk noise echo. as soon as he left, i was wide awake … especially after i went to check on the tupperware container, found it full and overflowing all over my bathmat. then i was really awake. and pissed.

i was up all night with the plonking, the dripping, the overflowing, the soaking, the mopping, the leaking. i finally fell asleep when my alarm went off; i must have dozed off for a few minutes because i woke up to the alarm and nothing else. no plonking. i’ll just hit snooze and get a few more minutes … which of course translated very quickly into running late, missing my bus, and getting to work just a few minutes ago.

i had a voicemail message from chad waiting for me, so i returned his call. he mentioned the leaking to our landlord before he left for work this morning, and our landlord knew about it. he said he’s been dealing with it since the property was built and it can’t be fixed. why don’t i believe this? at the very least he can go to a hardware store and buy a sheet of plastic and we can tape it up like a ramp so it directs the leaking right into my shower.

i don’t know and i don’t really care right now, as long as i don’t spend another night mopping up the rain inside my bathroom.

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