free fun

it just occurred to me how much fun chad and i have on no budget. this weekend is a perfect example.

the free screening on saturday morning was “crouching tiger, hidden dragon”. it blew us away. we laughed, we cried, we applauded, we cringed. please go see it. that is all.

saturday’s dnd3e campaign session was emotionally exhausting. we lost paxton and that still hasn’t sunk in yet. if you have no idea what i’m talking about and want to, or you do know what i’m talking about and you want to follow along with the story, please visit chad’s lorin synopsis pages. (this session’s write-up won’t be there for a while yet, though.)

sunday day was trashed due to recovering from the gaming session, since we didn’t get home until almost 05:00. i checked my email before crashing and my heart sunk: i screwed up and marked the larp meeting in my calendar as sunday night, but it was really saturday night. ugh. this may just be paranoia, but my memory seems to be getting worse lately, and in very strange ways. i say “strange” because usually my social calendar is the one thing i have a good handle on. or maybe it’s just that i have more to do in the meatworld these days, and i haven’t yet adjusted to it.

we just got home from seeing a free acoustic separate ways concert in downtown san rafael. i knew i liked the sound of their cd “seven roads to nowhere” but i had no idea how great they are live until tonight. it was short, just an hour long, but we enjoyed ourselves immensely. and of course i dig the added bonus of seeing a friend do well and have fun.

tonight is laundry time. i don’t think it qualifies as free fun, ironically enough.

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