yesterday, i arrived to work and was informed that the carpet samples had to be dumped. immediately. i protested, said i was waiting for the reps to pick up their stuff, waiting for one of the many art schools i called to have room for more samples, waiting for boxes at the very least to get the samples out of everyone’s way (boxes i had ordered weeks ago and followed up on each day following). no go.

so they all went into the dumpster and will soon be on their merry way to landfill. i helped fuck over the environment yesterday. aren’t you proud?

happier news: my first ‘stedcam chat went smashingly, thanks to everyone who dropped by. i thought about posting the logs but decided against it; you’re going to have to attend if you want to join in the fun. the next scheduled time will be 19:00 pacific on monday, 23 october, but the chatroom is open anytime and i am getting into the habit of being there whenever i remember to hop on irc.

dan took chad and i to dinner last night at the little italian place around the corner from our apartment. we had lots of garlic and made each other laugh. the waitress adored me and picked on the boys; shouldn’t it always be that way?

i had dreams about rescuing cats again. few things in this world make me angrier than the casual torture of cats. i woke up furious and that lasted as far as the transit center in san rafael; who should board my bus but sarah, heading to work a different way today. she did her crossword puzzle while i dozed. i think she should ride my bus every day.

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