chad, chris and i just saw “lost souls”. i may write an epinion about it but right now i’m just appalled that i wasted two hours of my life on that crap. that’s why i’m not linking to its official website, no matter how cool the site design may be. where have all the good movies gone?

sunday was supremely relaxing. chad and i painted miniatures, then i read some more of my book and worked on webpages. it was a three-day weekend but it still went by much too fast.

i held a ‘stedcam poll for a few weeks, asking which new feature would people most like to see. the majority voted for live chat, so i obliged. won’t you join us?

there’s still room on the folderol team. don’t be shy.

p.s. i got a bit cranky this morning about voter apathy, and decided to document my snotty attitude for your enjoyment. see, i’m not all sweetness and light …

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