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well, hullo there. i’ve been neglecting you. yesterday i didn’t feel so great, but i expected to have a down-day while my immune system played red-rover with chad’s germs. i am happy to report that my immune system is holding up, thus far.

today chad and i went into the city to help ellie move. it felt good to help out and to meet some interesting and fun people, too. moving days always make me a little sad and pensive; i kept myself busy so i didn’t get too glum.

before we drove into the city, though, i did something i’ve been meaning to do for a while now: downloaded and installed the folderol screensaver. to quote the website, folderol is “an open source investigation of data gathered in the human genome project” and like seti@home it uses your computer’s spare processing power to analyze data, in this case by folding proteins. i’m a bit late to jump on this bandwagon, so to make up for it i thought i’d assemble a team. email me (or comment below) if you’re interested in joining.

tonight, we’re doing something very fun: painting miniatures. chad just put the primer on several really good ones from reaper, and we’re waiting for those to dry. i’m so excited; we haven’t painted together in a long time. (interestingly enough, i mostly paint “good guys” while chad mostly paints “bad guys” – what does that say about us?)

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