proctor and gamble boycott

my mother is an actress, both stage and screen, and a voiceover artist. she sent me the following email today in regards to the proctor & gamble boycott, and since i don’t like forwarding emails, i’ll post it here:


Please DO NOT BUY: CREST Toothpaste TIDE Laundry Detergent IVORY Soap

(Send this message to as many people as you can. Explain that Proctor & Gamble has been the leading advertiser trying to break the actors’ unions and destroy the livelihood of the lower-income, union-scale actors and their families. Let them know that they have the power to help us end this strike. We need everyone’s help!) Also… e-mail P&G and let them know that you will NOT be purchasing Crest, Tide or Ivory: (Crest Toothpaste) (Tide Detergent) (Ivory Soap)

if you think that all actors, even those who have “made it” to the big screen, are rich … think again. they work hard and should be paid for their work like anyone else. i know, because my mother has had full-time jobs in addition to freelance work for over fifteen years just to make ends meet so she could pursue her theatrical goals. please read more about the screen actors guild and the SAG/AFTRA strike. (if you just want the abbreviated version, try this fact sheet.) these are real people who are being shafted their paychecks.

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