sunday night after decorating the front door and kitchen window with hallowe’en stuff, chad suggested i get some pictures of it. so i happily went downstairs to snap some, then brought the digicam back upstairs and plugged it in to my computer to upload the photos.

that is approximately when, like the cliché goes, all hell broke loose.

i had to reboot to get the digicam to upload the pictures to my computer. then when i tried to upload the pictures to the web, my dsl connection went blooey. so i rebooted. did the hardware wizard scanning thingamabob. (you can tell i’m so technically-minded, too.) called in my own personal tech support, who was groggy already with the onset of a head-cold, so i decided after a little while of him fiddling with it to call it a night.

when i got home last night, i remembered that my connection was not working. chad, who had stayed home sick as the cold raged, started working on it again while i ran to the store for cold medicine and cough drops. soon after i returned, he had it fixed, although we’re not quite sure what combination of things contributed to this end. (as usual, with windows bullshit.)

chris came over to visit, and chad made dinner while i got through some more laundry. i realized how much i enjoy simple evenings like this, at home, with good home-cooked food, with friends. i was so relaxed after eating dinner and straightening the kitchen that i spent about twenty minutes online before wandering off to bed.

and i still haven’t uploaded those pictures. duh.

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