brain stew

dan, you bastard, don’t comment in my journal!

(that was reverse-psychology. did you catch it?)

i went to lunch with dan today. we talked about how boys meet chix. i am possibly the worst person to talk to on this subject, being (a) female and (b) decidedly uncomfortable around 99% of the females on the planet. maybe i’m not the worst person to talk to about this, but i’m pretty close. however, that did not prevent me from going on and on about it, gesticulating wildly with a plastic fork over my piece of quiche. (dan nibbled on a modestly-sized caesar salad and made me feel like a right piggie by comparison.)

linoleum is backed with jute. this is just fun to say.

i brought “fluxx” and “lunch money” to play on the ferry home tonight. last time, we played “apples to apples” and i had so much fun. i thought about that game a lot, afterwards, and how i love playing games that are more collaborative than competitive. i have a few ideas for my own games, but not enough experience with game design to follow through on any of them.

i am not very work-oriented today, which is odd since i have met with three reps already and done a ton of work. but no, i am not really thinking about work. i am thinking about fresh vegetables, the fullness in my lungs after a good exercise, cold water-bottles, roosters with purple combs and silver feathers, the exact mathematical calculation and law of physics it takes for me to jump as high as i want to during a tmbg concert, and hazelnut pillows. i am thinking about being a cricket-girl, good luck in a bamboo cage, swung from any ceiling, ponderous in any wind. i am thinking about new friends with old stories, footnotes i can’t look up, bookmarks i haven’t set. i am thinking about kissing my own hand, while pressing a golden dollar in my own palm, just to see what it feels like.

just to see what it feels like. when was the last time you did something just to see what it felt like?

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