wood yew beleaf it

it is a testament to my apathy today that i could not get excited about the slide presentation on how wood veneer is made. there is a brochure sitting next to me entitled “veneer solutions: a guide to specifying wood veneers” that i haven’t even opened.

today has been another overwhelmingly busy day. i am looking forward to leaving not because it’s been bad but because i am ferrying home tonight with jared, yay. then chad and i are going to take a brisk walk by the marin civic center; we get our exercise by hopping over the puddles of goose poop.

my cel has recently decided to stop dealing with voicemail. sometime yesterday artless left me voicemail but it sounded like he was talking into a tin can in the midst of a tornado party, so i have only the barest idea of the subject of his message. this is both incredibly frustrating and intensely worrisome. i hate being out of touch. if email goes, i may just have to start reading up on wood veneer.

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