weird science

someone just called me “weird” and i was reminded of a dream i had last night. i was in the basement of a dormitory and i entered this teeny computer science lab that also served as a hydroponics lab. where a few guys and first officer commander chakotay of the u.s.s. voyager were hanging out. (yes, he was in uniform.) i asked chakotay if he wanted to come over and watch “weird science” with me later and he said sure. then a few minutes later i overheard him telling some groupies who wandered in that he couldn’t hang out with them tonight, he was “going over to a weird friend’s room”.

yeah, that’s me: the weird friend next door. i never get the sexy chakotay dreams, only the basement dormitory hydroponics/computer science lab watching “weird science” with chakotay dreams. what is up with that.

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