it’s nice to be so needed around a place that the moment i walk back in, i am pounced upon to “do something about the mess in the library.” it’s gotten really bad in here, and it was my fault to think that people would clean up after themselves once they got a spare moment. but everyone’s under such crazy deadlines here that spare moments don’t really exist.

i cleaned off about 70% of the mess on the table and am now giving the rest of the office a chance to receive and meditate on my polite yet firm email about the disarray in the library. some folks have rushed in and put their stuff away, sheepish, which made me feel a little guilty for sending the email in the first place, but i was encouraged by my boss to be more strict with people. so here i go …

as evidenced by my return to work, i am feeling worlds better today. thanks for everyone who wished me well; i appreciated every kind thought. i’m returning to my healthy routines, like having a juice smoothie for lunch, riding bikes with chad after work, and getting to bed at 22:00 on weeknights. here’s to feeling good again.

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