not dead yet

but i’m pretty sick. if you don’t like hearing about people being ill, stop reading this now. i left work at lunchtime because from 06:00-11:00 i had experienced more gastrointestinal chaos than anyone should have, including yet not limited to stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. yeah. great.

my worry when this happens is that i will quickly get dehydrated, because my body even refuses to process liquids sometimes, and dehydration is some serious stuff. chad picked me up at the ferry building in larkspur and dropped me off at home, since there were no easily-accessible bus routes at lunchtime, and i drank a huge glass of water and slept (on my side, thank you) for about four hours straight. got up feeling hungover, and now chad is making dinner, which i aspire to keep in my system for at least five minutes.

normally, i’d be very scared by my body reacting this way. but this happens when i have not been taking good care of myself physically. coupled with emotional stress, of which there has been just a tad lately, my body decides to shut the fuck down until someone makes some adjustments. okay, i hear you …

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