it was only fitting that yesterday, as i was redoing the williams-bernard wedding page, i received wonderful news. two longtime friends of mine, david and colleen, are engaged to be married.

i thought it couldn’t get any better than that … until they asked me to perform the ceremony. i was floored. still am, a bit, but now it’s wearing off into a pleasant buzz.

i couldn’t be happier about their decision. i was there, nearly two years ago, when this boy was shilly-shallying over asking this girl out. and last october i had the inimitable pleasure of seeing them together, in person, when i visited san diego. they fit, simply put.

and i get to help them celebrate this. wow. i’m honored, touched, thrilled, nervous, happy, everything. i’m also speechless, by the sound of this entry. wow.

speaking of weddings … i’m sorry i couldn’t be there in person, roe. i’m there in spirit. best wishes for your wonderful day today.

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