bowled over

thanks to everyone who came to my bowling party: andy, ben, chad, chris, crism, dan, david, dolores, darius, ellie, halsted, jeff, jen, j-me, trea.

i was hurtin’ this morning, from yesterday’s festivities. even though, chad, chris and i got there just before 13:00. on time, i know, who knew? we looked around, saw no one was there, checked in at the desk for our reserved lanes, and went to the restaurant inside the building called “mister pizza man”. you wouldn’t think to look at the place, but they make the finest philly steak sammich i’ve had west of the mississippi. jeff showed up and hung out with us, then david arrived, and soon after that a lot of folks showed up so we decided it was time to bowl.

you know the strange dynamic of a bunch of people you’re throwing together for the sake of a party. you know it and you hope like hell that the people who show up are going to get along, maybe even like each other.

and then there’s serendipity. everyone just seems to click, and laugh and smile, and have fun in their own ways. be comfortable. be happy.

i was completely unprepared for this type of party. we were technically playing against each other but it was the sweetest competition ever. we clapped for whoever got a strike or spare, regardless of team. no one was rushed to take their turns, or guilted into higher scores. it was just … fun.

i was lucky to start off the first frame of the first game with a nice, solid strike. i had a few more strikes and spares after that, and in the last game i even won a plastic baby alien with glow-in-the-dark eyes and a large area (uh, thanks, david, i think). ellie completely kicked bowling butt and yet we were all cheerful about that, too. as the day wore on, we broke out the glitter and became faerie bowlers. uh, that is, if faeries were big enough to lift fourteen-pound balls. right.

all in all about four hours of fun. i want to do it again soon, and since several people echoed this sentiment before leaving today, i’m thinking of one next month. i may make glitter mandatory at that one.

chad and chris drove dan and darius to the east bay, dropping me off on the way. i immediately started uploading pix to the album; i hadn’t gotten far before michael and allura called, just to chitchat. what a nice afterparty feeling!

i’m out of it right now. i think i now have a people-hangover. it’s a little warm and humid here, too, and the overall stickiness is permeating my brain. when i think of how many hours were spent in the company of other people this weekend, i feel a little dizzy, but also good and proud of myself. i would never have been able to handle this weekend without a panic attack or general hermit-crabbing just six months ago, and now here i am. a little worn, but fine. just fine.

here’s hoping your weekend was as socially productive. or at least as fun.

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