you can’t tell in this pic, but as the caption says, i was drunk. way drunk. i’m not quite sure how or why this happened, and it’s fairly hypocritical of me, since i whine all the time about people wasting huge chunks of their lives being drunk or otherwise messed up on whatever is the fashionable poison these days.

but the picnic was fun, and i am a giggly, cheerful drunk, and i suppose since it doesn’t happen all that often i shouldn’t be too down on myself for it. there is always that residual “you shouldn’t drink at all, let alone as much as you did” feeling from my straighter-edge days, but my inner winston churchill is frowning sternly at that feeling so soon it may go away.

apparently sarah’s friend jeannie asked me to marry her, and i agreed conditionally, adding that i’m booked up until next sunday.

i also chatted a lot with the musicians, who were wonderful and who gave me business cards and with the twenty-dollar bill that was supposed to go towards bowling i bought two of their cds.

after we got home this evening, i fell asleep (read: passed out) for a few hours, woke up still drunk, and chris, chad and i went to max’s for grilled cheese sammiches and chat. eventually i sobered up but not before leaving three very ridiculous voicemail messages for mish, and she is threatening to somehow convert them to realaudio files, so i may be in trouble all over again.

ever had a nighttime hangover? i swear these are the weirdest, and probably why when i do drink, i usually do so right before bedtime, and not in the middle of the day. time to sleep before the bowling party of wonderment occurs.

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