pick-a-nick basket

tomorrow is the company picnic and as i started to update this about something else entirely, an email arrived disclosing the menu. tell me if this sounds like what you normally would eat at a company picnic:

  • Herb Marinated Rocky Range Chicken
  • Louisiana Liane’s Famous Marinated Pork Ribs
  • Fresh Corn on the Cob (served from the husks)
  • Grilled Vegetable Antipasta (red & green peppers, mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, roasted garlic & balsamic onions)
  • Penne Pasta (with seared radicchio, baby spinach, cherry tomato, roasted garlic & parmesan cheese)
  • Butterleaf Lettuce Greens (with gorgonzola, candied walnuts & grannysmith apples tossed in a sherry & mustard vinaigrette)
  • Carved Fruit & Cheese Display (cottswald, smoked gouda & smoked salmon layered brie with grapes, apples, berries, peaches, melon & other seasonal fruits, water wafers & seeded baguettes)
  • Dessert: Grilled O’Henry Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Beverages: Bogle Sauvignon Blanc, Bogle Cabernet, Christophe Merlot, Assorted beer/ciders/soda, water
i didn’t think so.

shhh. i’m bringing a plastic-lined shopping bag.

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