irony is not a vitamin

i’m tired of getting spanked by irony.

no, that’s not all. i had a really lousy experience at work today. you may be aware that i like my job, a lot. i really do. i’m sure that other people would find what i do quite tedious, or lame, or whatever else, but the great thing about that is they’re not me. yep.

so, about my lousy experience.

people have started coming to me a lot, a lot more than they came to the librarian before me, to help with projects, getting samples and catalogs and information off the web, whatever they need, basically. i love this sort of work because it requires two things: resourcefulness and creativity. i have both in abundance. yesterday i was asked to help a designer by ordering a bunch of samples for her for thursday. as soon as i got the list of samples on tuesday afternoon, i went through and did so, although (as indicated by my post yesterday) many places on the east coast were already closed. before i left work yesterday, i had either spoken with a real person, faxed an office, or left a voicemail at each office, placing orders for each sample to be delivered “as soon as possible” and clarified by stating “overnight”. of course there was nothing anyone could do about the “overnight” part if no one was going to get the message or fax until the next day. i sent email to the designer to let her know that everything had been ordered. she replied with a big thank you and i felt great and i went home.

all was well until today at 16:00 … when the designer called me to inform me that she was “freaking out” because none of the samples had arrived yet. well, that’s weird, i thought, but the samples don’t have to be here till thursday so it’s still cool.

“i need them here tonight. the client is coming in thursday.”

um, okay. well. okay. so. right. i was baffled. my inner catholic really wanted me to feel guilty for this thing i couldn’t control, but my inner vulcan insisted that was entirely illogical. thank goodness for my inner winston churchill! he gruffly told everyone to shut up and let me think a moment.

i went back to the list, and recalled each company, and in nearly every single instance got voicemail. i left voicemail for everyone on the eastern seaboard, just to be safe. if you got a message today from someone babbling incoherently about resilient flooring samples, that was me.

before i left, i did two things: instructed the receptionist to direct all incoming packages addressed to me straight to the designer, and i emailed the designer, apologized that the samples were not here when she needed them, mentioned that i had recalled each company, and explained about the incoming packages.

i heard nothing in response except a very strained “o this is just beautiful” in a very strained, facetious tone, just outside the library. this baffled me further. i waited very patiently to be slammed, but the designer did not appear, and so i left at my usual time still feeling rather confused. i’m used to taking the blame for things just because it’s easiest that way, even if i don’t believe i’ve done something wrong. this instance was different, and i wasn’t sure why it was different, only that i was tired of acting out that charade.

maybe i’m just finally getting some self-esteem, like fifty years after everyone else.

so, long story long, i had my least fun day of work yet on the day i proclaimed to be write something fun day. thank you, mistress irony, may i have another?

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