sunday bowling party update: the count is up to fifteen! yes, fifteen people have agreed to rent shoes and rent beer with me! there will be some fun happening. i am indeed bringing the camera, but you know how i get. i have the attention span of a gnat on crack when it comes to photojournaling.

speaking of this, what’s up with fun these days? is it out of style or what? i cruise the journaling world just like many others of my ilk, and find a lot of unhappiness. sometimes there’s a little fun, but mostly angst. did i miss a memo? fun is so 1999, halsted. i knew i was supposed to get depressed again … i just forgot.

yes, i do have some minor doldrums. for example, i was bad and watched tv tonight. well, i couldn’t help it, really. i got sucked into a “frasier” rerun. it was last season’s finale and the whole niles and daphne sitch made me weepy. something about unrequited love turned semi-requited while both parties struggled with their own senses of integrity and whatnot. it’s the whatnot that gets me every time.

but enough of this. we need fun! if you keep a journal, online or off, i pronounce wednesday to be write something fun day. so do it! i don’t care what it is. just make yourself smile. go for a full-out giggle if you dare. if you need inspiration, i suggest this very poignant essay titled “why i want to live inside a hippo’s mouth” by my friend jen robinson.

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