take your lane

what do they say, in bowling? it’s not “take your lane!” but it should be. (thank artless for this suggestion.) i mean, there’s “batter up!” and “start your engines!” bowling needs one.

i’m planning a bowling party this sunday. the invitations have been sent. some people have actually even responded, so it won’t just be me and chad, staring blankly at each other over a bowl of pretzels. i have some ulterior motives for the party, you see. i am craving a group of friends again. when i visited pennsylvania last month, pas and i talked about the old gang and who was where these days, and i just miss that.

so, in the absence of one group of friends, i’m artificially creating one. woo. better living through not chemistry but social psychology. i’ll unite them against a common enemy: me! er, no wait. that’s all wrong.

i also happen to think that perhaps some of my singler friends might enjoy meeting some other singler friends. but shhshshshhhhshsh. don’t tell. tee hee hee.

today was not the greatest day at work. nothing overtly bad happened; still i feel like i got nothing accomplished and i hate that feeling. now, i will finish up some email and go to bed early.

but first a mention of saturday. sarah, chad and i drove up to sonoma, which for those of you not in-the-know is wine country, along with napa. sonoma is a lovely little touristy town with a square and lots of windowshoppy shops. we windowshopped. it was gloriously laidback, cheerful, and full of sunshine. then we searched for (and found!) a big and tall men’s clothing store for chad. as you may not know, chad is a big and tall man, and the clothing situation had become pretty desperate. he hadn’t bought any new clothes since we lived in birmingham, and it was beginning to show. not like, falling off him or anything, but still … big holes were appearing in startling places. he got a few things he needed to look presentable at work, and then we returned home. all in all, a lovely day.

this saturday is my employer’s company picnic. it has a medieval theme and i’m not kidding! chad and i want to come in costume, but i’m not sure how practical it is to wear my wedding gown to a company picnic. we’ll see …

and then sunday, the bowling party. i haven’t bowled in years, which means i will still suck as hard as i used to and i will still laugh hysterically at myself and i may even have a beer or two, fancy that. just you go on and fancy it.

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