oops i humiliated myself publicly again

it’s time for me to start recording.

i arrived home at 18:00 with, truly, the best of intentions. somewhere between “i’ll just lay down here for a half-hour” and chad saying, “okay, i’ll wake you up in a half-hour” something went horribly, terribly, britney-ly wrong.

at 21:45, chad reached over and patted me and said, “i think it’s been a half-hour.”

so, uh, i’m going back to bed now, but tomorrow i owe you all that recording. and i intend to deliver. of course, i intended to go on a thirty-minute bike-ride today, too. but i really will do this because it might just shame me into riding my bike regularly again. (you can help by sending me the song, and pointing me in the direction of the lyrics, since i have been blissfully unaware to this moment of britney on the web.)

where was that road going, the one paved with good intentions?

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