waiting to inhale

something has gone horribly wrong. i was unable to nap on the bus to work today. what’s wrong with me? something’s wrong with me. i just sat there and listened to the man next to me breathe the whole way. have you ever sat next to a loud breather? it’s creepy, but i can’t help but be fascinated. i wonder if his big brushy moustache makes that worse. i wonder if he has ear-splitting sneezes to match.

after a while, i found myself breathing in counterpoint. that was even creepier. it got me thinking about that short story, title forgotten, by orson scott card. i can picture the front of the paperback but– o yeah– “moonlight sonata” … does that sound right? any orson scott card short-story fans out there? the story is about a man who notices whole groups of people breathing synchronously, and i won’t give it away any more than that. i would look this up myself, but it’s too busy here today.

speaking of work, i’m getting lots of verbal pats today, which is good because i had a hell of a time crawling out of our wonderful, snuggly bed at quarter to six this morning.

yesterday was very relaxing. so relaxing, in fact, that i forgot to write a journal entry. never you mind! chad and i went for a drive, and ended up meandering around downtown mill valley, which is just cute as a bug’s butt. in the evening, he went to a barbecue and i stayed home, fully intending to make more headway on either one of the two poems that are currently kicking my ass. right. like that happened. instead, i spent some time on cam, helped an acquaintance with some web design stuff, and chatted a bit on icq.

i did accomplish one thing before the three-day weekend was up: i finished uploading the pictures from my trip to pennsylvania. in doing so, i realized that i didn’t take any of pas or of my uncle and aunt. d’oh. ah well, lots of good creature pix.

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