all these tests to take. yeesh. i have a crimson aura and my true color is brown. okay? can we move on now?

incidentally, my favorite color is the overused background purple of my site: #330033. i dyed my hair this color in college. it didn’t stay very long, but it made me happy. except when my friend was rinsing the dye out; i was really stoned and thought he was trying to drown me in the empty kitchen sink. just say no, kids! i’m never getting those brain cells back, either.

what does it mean when you have a dream that one of your co-workers comes on to you, and then tries to get you fired when you brush him off? i don’t find him anything other than residually attractive; meaning, the arrangement of his physical and charismatic components doesn’t offend me, but it doesn’t do anything for me, either. he’s always polite and even nice, but there’s never been any sex vibe. maybe i was just in line for a power-play dream and my brain fastened onto him randomly to fill the role.

i need to start wearing my tinfoil beanie to bed. frickin’ martian mindwaves.

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