all right

you people are making me write something serious. fine. i will. although i’m not in a serious mood at all, so this is going to come out very sarcastic. i would apologize in advance, but i really can’t care less.

first of all, i slept right on through my alarm this morning. (it goes off at 05:30; i snooze till 05:51, now that i don’t make coffee or breakfast before work. yes, i should reset it to 05:51 but i’m just lazy, and think that perhaps one day i will get up at 05:30 again and have 21 blissful minutes of nothingness before the rush to get ready. mm-hmm.) this morning i sat bolt-upright in bed at 06:45. um, my bus leaves at 06:48. wasn’t making that. right. great.

i managed to be only an hour late, despite golden gate transit’s best efforts to thwart my timely commute. and this morning was mostly occupied with a very lively discussion of relational databases, online library catalogs, and the disorganized pit that is my library.

it is. i’m not being melodramatic. it really is a pit. but it’s my pit. i have no maternal instinct whatsoever when it comes to babies; get me around animals or books and i am supermom.

it’s raining in san francisco today. i note this because it’s weird, and i’ve been here long enough for it to be weird, and everyone still had umbrellas but not me, i just had my worn-out little waifgirl hat, and i still got rained on and i liked it.

i have felt nauseous all day, which is very strange for me, and uncomfortable besides. good thing the library is right next to the women’s restroom.

most people have wandered off already, for the holiday weekend. the east coast is definitely done for. i keep calling them, and they’re not answering. send me a product binder, you slackers! all i want is to specify slatwalls.

that’s all a girl really wants: to specify slatwalls.


do you see why i can’t be held accountable for a serious tone today? it’s just this absurd, rainy, vaguely ill friday.

i was going to hang with someone in the city tonight, but my tummy has prevented that from being an option. i hate cancelling on plans but i would hate even more to get trapped downtown, sick, without a way back to the north bay.

… and here we go again. bye.

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