help, revisited

i have had a very full day of helping people at work. it’s fun. now i understand why i keep returning to libraria: books and helping people sleuth around for books.

maybe i should just limit the help i can give to friends. if it doesn’t have a library of congress control number, i’ll say, i can’t do anything for you.

right. like that’d ever happen.

for all my whining, i love helping friends, too. even when i don’t know entirely how. even when it ends up being a fruitless, thankless enterprise.

although not hearing “thanks for helping” does leave me a bit crestfallen. i noticed just how much i perked up, all day today, when thanked for my effort.

it’s a cliché but it’s also true: positive reinforcement works. debate all you like whether or not it’s more effective than negative reinforcement; i don’t really care. i’ll stick with the “please” and “thank-yous” because i know how they make me feel.

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