time to reel it all back in.

i have been spending quite a chunk of my precious, precious free time helping other people. normally it brings me a great deal of joy to do this; normally i don’t overextend myself.

tonight i am struggling with pgp. the fact that i am struggling with pgp is disturbing to me, since i’ve used it for years now without incident. tonight, however, it just won’t work. i can’t help but think it has something to do with the upgrade to windows 2000. anyone having any pgp 6.5.8 experience, please help. i’m not giving up on it. it does work, dammit.

i’m also helping a few other people do things while i stress out over the sheer frustration of nonfunctioning pgp. every once in a while i overextend myself like this, and it’s like popping something out of joint. i become overly irritable and resentful, and i go away. just for a little while. but still, i go away.

this all sucks even harder because tonight i really wanted to write the long entry about my trip to pennsylvania. now all i feel like doing is stomping off and sulking. ain’t moody bitches like me grand!

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