i’m much busier than i thought i’d be today, so even my breaks are working ones. i will have to update after i get home, and after the bike-ride, and maybe even after dinner. whew.

i am taking a very mini-break just to say hullo, though. i’ve missed writing in you, little livejournal. you are barelylivejournal these days. resuscitatedjournal.

the good old 06:48 broke down this morning, halfway to sausalito. a little buzzing sound was all i noticed as i was drifting off to sleep, trying to stay awake because dad mentioned how envious he was of the scenery on my commute each morning. buzz, buzz. the bus pulled over at an unfamiliar stop and everyone started making that quick-exhale-through-nostrils noise, the universal sigh of annoyance, and filing off the bus. what fun! i thought, and not facetiously. a blip in the routine!

another bus came along not two minutes later. it was very exciting. i never get to ride that bus, otherwise. i sat on the sideways-seats and put my little hatted-head down and fell right to sleep, different bus or no.

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