i survived

  • the mistake. about 20:00 last night i thought to myself, hm, better check on the plane status. no idea why. well, good thing i did, because i had for some reason gotten it stuck in my head that i was flying out of oakland instead of sfo. we found out that it was indeed sfo, and left immediately.
  • the plane trip. yay, screaming children. yay, guy next to me who had to go to the bathroom every fifteen minutes. yay, that dumbass movie about the saint bernard dog. yay, an hour on the tarmac waiting to take off. yay. yay. yay. … so much for positive thinking. it still sucked.
  • the drive from cleveland to meadville. who am i kidding, this was the easiest part yet. me and my dad in the car, gabbing. one of the finer things in life.
  • the greeting from the black lab, gracie. three and a half years later, she still recognizes me. so much so that my homecoming consisted of 60 pounds of black lab launched at my midsection, amidst howling/whining and tugging on my sleeves. she also took a nap beside me on the air mattress. (i have to reinflate it before bed.)
  • the immense, wonderful italian dinner. linguine con vongole. goooooooooooood. i didn’t burst any seams, but i’ve just been informed that dessert is in the form of frozen custard from hank’s – a mencotti family tradition.
more survival tales later. i just have to add that sarah rocks. she sent me not one but two email updates from work today, just to fill me in on what i was missing.

i’m buzzing on contentment right now. don’t mind this silly grin.

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