fill in the blank

today i am the ____________ person on the planet.

my answer: least reassuring.

i skipped lunch (and it was with dan, too, dammit) so i can leave an hour early, get the fuck home, and chill the fuck out. i am so mad at myself for freaking so much, but i always freak. every single time i leave to go on a trip, i freak. and i snap. snappity-snap. snap at people, snap inside. my head’s in a trillion pieces, and if i could count that high i’d yell at each and every one of them. get back in line! i don’t have time for this!

the worst part of all this is i am so happy to be visiting pennsylvania. i’m just asphalted with crap.

i’ll be much nicer from there. so, not going to check in online from home before my plane leaves … i’ll just see you from the east coast. y’all take care now.

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