packing list

  • clothes: my usual somewhat-goofy-yet-appropriate mix. one dress outfit and shoes in case of dressy situation. regular assortment of undergarments. no bathing suit, giving me the excuse of not going swimming and, more importantly, not having to shave my legs again till i get home.
  • toiletries: somehow consolidate eighty-five different tiny bottles of weird crap into one small make-up bag. without freaking out, swearing off "girly stuff" forever and throwing everything away. only to purchase more tomorrow. uh-huh.
  • books: current reading list. not allowed to buy any cheese-o paperbacks at airport gift shops. i still have five from the last time.
  • connectivity: palmpilot, useless unless i remember to sync that bad boy. cel, useless unless i remember to bring the charger.
  • toys: "lunch money"; brush up on the rules on the flight. somehow obtain competitive nature on the flight, too. digicam; bring more batteries. i'll still run out but at least i can pretend i was semi-prepared.
  • etcetera: postcard stamps so i don't procrastinate sending the postcards i've now promised. o yeah, and my plane ticket.
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I give respect and reverence to those who came before me.