i managed to get stuck in surprise meetings today. no time for anything more than a quick walk to get an overheated, crusty tuna sandwich. i am desperate to get our library catalog online, but we’ve been having some internal network problems today, so none of the i.t. guys could install whatever they need to install on my machine so i can start accessing the database. until then, i’m in a holding pattern, and it sucks. i just want to get stuff done.

it’ll be nice to walk out of here wednesday night and not worry about anything library-related till the following monday. i’m feeling pre-generous, so tell me if you’d like a postcard from pennsylvania.

in “god that sucks” news today: an acquaintance of mine had her website hosted by a close friend … until today. he shut her site and email down completely, without warning, because she was using up too much bandwidth – probably a direct result of listing her webcam site in a ranking list, but how could she have known she’d get that much traffic? i directed her to dreamhost because they did such a great job hosting for so long. here’s hoping she makes as seamless a transition as possible to her new domain.

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