i love full weekends. i especially love weekends too full for me to write about, except in vaguest terms. here, have some vague terms.

i spent some great time connecting online with a few people this weekend, old friends and new. and i had some terrific offline time with chad, sarah, and others.

tonight we went to see “the complete works of william shakespeare (abridged)” by the marin shakespeare company and this performance was as hilarious as the one we had seen in birmingham so many moons ago now. at one point during the intermission, i looked up at the sky – being in an outdoor amphitheatre has its advantages – and at the stars, and immediately teared up.

not sad, no. full. it comes specifically in three waves: the first, i am happy. the second, how did i get here? the third, please let me stay. i can feel each wave with heartbeats in my face, pumping water into my eyes.

i tried to expand on this last bit for over an hour. it didn’t work, so i’m going to leave it the way it is. maybe you can help me write more, if you’ve ever felt the same thing. maybe that’s all i needed to say.

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