friday serenade

for the love of <insert deity of your choice, or absence thereof, or scientific reasoning, or chaos, or other apt concept>, bring back abba. they’re playing some chick music (can we call it that? it’s a stretch) and she keeps whinging “it’s so real, so so real, ooh, ooh, baby it’s real” to the most unoriginal drum/synth track in the universe.

i apparently need to remind these people that i have concrete samples in here. big ones. heavy ones.

this day has dragged on like no other. the only time that passed quickly was lunchtime, with darius, in the sunshine. he even lent me some pamela dean books and gave me two beethoven cds, thus cementing the fact that i have to find something cool to give him someday. he always finds stuff i like on the web, not to mention the books and music. it’s a talent!

ah well, ten minutes to go. then sarah and i are jetting off to movies and sushi up in san rafael. whee! t.g.i.f.f.f.

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