i’ve heard the phrase “i’m going to make him sweat” but i’ve never seen it happen, in person.

today i did. and i feel sick.

the worst part is, no one was “in the wrong” really. i was in a small meeting with a few co-workers and a product rep; the product he represents is basically an electronic document management service. as you may guess, this raises serious liability issues, and of course the whole “who owns the document” can o’ worms was opened up in the meeting.

on the side of our company, we’re pretty conservative. sending documents “into the ether” (actual quote) isn’t going to go over well. on the side of his company, if the idea was done properly, it could save amazing amounts of time and space.

because of the strong personalities in the meeting, the rep was pretty much put on the spot to try to answer a lot of difficult questions about his company’s service. and when i saw the sweat beading on his forehead, i didn’t think much of it; it’s a warm-ish san francisco day. when they started trickling down his nose and into his eyes, that’s when i felt like i was going to throw up. i hate seeing people that uncomfortable. and to think that i contributed to it, by asking the man to come in and have this mini-meeting to clarify the premise of his presentation next week … bleh.

i got to speak with him after the meeting, and he seemed better. the presentation is still on, and i re-established some rapport; he was even smiling a little before he left. who knows what’s going to happen at that presentation next week, though. i’m vaguely dreading it.

it’s all so busy and even edging on stressful today. wow, stress in my job. that’s weird …

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