while i was getting ready for work in record time this morning (can we say thirty minutes? sweet), i pondered exactly why i was so bored with the whole “survivor” concept. it boils down to this:

do we really need another reminder of how awful we can be to each other?

i mean, come on, people. this is not news. or rather: it is news. it’s on the news. we’re always awful to each other. why make yet another fucking game-show about it?

don’t even get me started on “big brother”. people think that since i have a webcam, i’m automatically fascinated by the premise of this show. i caught about thirty minutes of it a few nights ago and i was bored to tears. it’s not like any of these people forget for one second that they’re on camera. and the whole “voting someone off” deal is just dorky.

yeah, i’d be the first to be eliminated on both of these shows, if i even made it through the selection process. why? because i don’t care how much money was involved, nothing in the world could make me behave like that on national television. and it’s not for any overwhelming sense of ethics, either.

my mom would be watching!

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