that was frightening

chad just took over the ‘stedcam for several minutes and did a wacky slideshow, including yet not limited to: a wizard and his enormous poisonous frog familiar, t.s. eliot, and a magic eight-ball.

what’s scarier is that he wants to do it again.

i finally saw “survivor” and would like to note that i was overwhemingly bored but compelled to watch it to the very end, just to revel in the narrowing-down process. i think this is the gimmick. since i disliked it so much, i refuse to link to the website. see, i can out-petty even the cast of that show!

a note to concerned readers: i will be out of town from the evening of wednesday, 23 august through the evening of sunday, 27 august. never fear! i will still have connectivity, even in the barren expanse of the east coast! i’ll also have my digital camera with me, so i sense a photojournal coming on …

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