knock on laminate

i just deleted this whole long entry about how this is my journal and how i necessarily leave parts out and the difference between journaling and journalism and my god was it boring. so i spared you all. isn’t that nice of me?

anyone who wants my opinions on the subject can email me directly and get ‘em. free.

i have an idea for a streaming cam show! audio and video. i’ve run it past two people whose opinions i respect, and who also make me laugh, and they both think it’s great and fun so i’m going to do it. it’ll only be once a week, but worth the wait. now to learn more about streaming …

mish arrives in about four hours. since it’s a three-day weekend for me, she’s staying through sunday. as you may well imagine, i’m psyched.

someone in the interiors studio is playing abba gold. yes, really. this happens every friday afternoon at roughly 16:00 (or thursday, if it’s a friday-off week). thanks to someone who shall remain nameless, i know all the words. damn you!

while i was waiting for my bus yesterday evening, a dog ran out into the middle of the (busy) street. his leash had slipped out of a woman’s hands and she was screaming for him to come back, come back. i started to go get him but a bike messenger swooped in and corralled him expertly to the side of the street, and onto the sidewalk. it was such a cool maneuver i almost didn’t freak out over the close call. but in the end, my wimpy soggy animal-love maternal instinct thing kicked in and i felt all wobbly and sick to my stomach. we lost so many cats to the road when i was a kid. it never got any easier to bury them.

wow, this is an uplifting entry, isn’t it? i did have a good day, really. i took some digipix of the usual suspects at lunch, and of the cool restaurant we went to, and will upload those later. i worked on the mondo library survey that i’m sending out to the entire company next week. it’s huge. i need to cut it back or people will just return it stamped PISS OFF.

hey, do we have those stamps? i want one.

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