alarmed, i’m sure

i was most alarmed to note that i brought no tmbg discs to work. what’s up with that? i have moxy früvous, soul coughing, cake, nine inch nails, ani difranco, faithless, new order, michael penn, and even joe satriani and the kundun soundtrack, but no tmbg? was i replaced by a pod person when i brought cds to work two weeks ago?

whew. yesterday afternoon zoomed by, and sarah and i ferried home, which was lots of fun as usual. we talked about … well, talking. and listening. and weird dreams we have had. when we arrived in larkspur at 18:05, her connecting bus was there, but mine wasn’t. i found out the hard way that the first of my buses doesn’t bother showing up to the ferry terminal until 18:35. wah! so i called chad, who was more than thrilled to pick me up. or at least more than thrilled to have an excuse to drive the jeep around.

we had a good separate-stuff night, which pretty much consisted of me working online with mish on webstuff, and chad helping chris with his résumé. i went to bed late, again. grr.

today has been pretty normal. a few of my coworkers are quite intrigued by pat, having heard about him from me yesterday when he did the song i requested on his karaoke commute. i’m intrigued, too. wish i could have thought of an equally hilarious feature for my own site. i toyed with realproducer last night, but it behaved badly (read: crashed over and over and over) so i’ll have to rely on live streaming audio/video if i ever want to do little shows like that.

i shouldn’t type things like that. it makes me actually want to do them.

finally, i’m pretty sure that “working” isn’t a mood, but i’ve just got to see what cute icon livejournal will insert next to it. i suggest “industrious” instead.

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