i really am alive. i’m just moving the entirety of to a new server, and i tend to obsess about these things until they are properly finished.

so what else did i do this weekend? friday night we had free pizza (yay for coupons) and watched “the green mile”. it was much better than i thought it was going to be, but still a bit stephen-king-preachy in parts. i won’t say which parts, in case you haven’t seen it yet.

saturday we went to a free screening of “hollow man” which was not so good. in fact, it sucked. but the special effects were outstanding. they really can do anything at all with computers, nowadays.

after the screening, we had lunch and then met up with chris and clay at our apartment. the boyz took the top of the jeep off, and we all hopped in and zoomed off to muir woods. being on the expressway in a topless jeep was somewhat frightening for me; i’ve only ever cruised through mellow city blocks in such an exposed state. the combination of sound, wind, and closeness of other cars overwhelmed me, so i didn’t start out having a very good time. my mood improved after we got on the more scenic, slower roads.

of course, no trip through downtown san rafael would be complete without a stop at gamescape. i ended up with “lunch money”, but still haven’t played it yet. i’m not sure if i’ll like it, but it fits neatly in my purse in case i find myself in need of entertaining two to four people.

that evening, i went upstairs to do more webstuff with mish, while chad played magic downstairs with chris and clay. i made banana bread, and then talked about cooking with this guy joe who thinks i am funny. (i’m not making that up; he told me so himself. he also told me i’d better make this entry good, because he’s watching. how’s that for a devoted fan?)

today was really laid-back. we were going to see another free screening in the morning, but we slept right through it instead. pity, too; it was “space cowboys” and i really do want to see that. chad and i did our own things most of the day, and went to the grocery store in the evening, then made enough chili to last us the entire week.

and now i’m drained, so goodnight.

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