blinded by the light

the light that gleams off the huge white library table, that is.

yo’ damn straight it’s clean.

i’m feeling a mite bit cocky right now, don’t mind me. still, i would be a bad person if i neglected to mention that one of the designers helped me out a lot so it got done this afternoon, because we were expecting a very important client to take a tour through the studio. of course they cancelled.

i knew i was going to clean the table off today. i knew it so hard that in my head on the way to work this morning i was choreographing the dance i would do on that table, britney-style. i’ve even got the cute little schoolgirl jumper on. however, no one has come in and exclaimed, “my god! the table is clean! halsted, you are by far the best durn librarian this firm ever had!” the truth is, i’d be worried if anyone really did judge my skill as a librarian on cleaning off a table. and i couldn’t decide if i wanted to do the finale splits in midair, landing on a strategically-placed carpet sample, or if i just wanted to double-backflip off the table itself and into the “to be refiled” bin.

the world is woefully short one dancing librarian this afternoon.

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