to your health

it’s amazing what a strenuous bike-ride, a good home-cooked meal, and a full night’s sleep will do to improve one’s outlook. or perhaps it’s not amazing at all; perhaps it’s something everyone else learns early on, and i’m just catching up now. as usual.

now that i am fully covered by health benefits, i am planning a day o’ health. this will include appointments with my new g.p. as well as an optometrist, dentist, and gynecologist. something has definitely shifted when i’m looking forward to going to the doctor … let alone doctors, plural.

and hey. i quit smoking. didn’t think i was going to pull that one off, but i did. my lungs are still healing and it’ll take years before they recover completely. that depresses me. so if you’re a smoker, know that you don’t have to be. and that’s all the preaching i’m going to do, because i hate preachy ex-smokers. they’re almost as bad as preachy non-smokers. almost.

now that i’ve committed to this bike-riding thing, i need a new source of confusion and frustration. next up: power yoga!

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