laughing at

i skipped out of work, clam-happy to begin my three-day weekend. bopped to the bart station and went to meet jen where she works. the neighborhood is vaguely seedy but in that cheerful way. it doesn’t seem hostile to me; just smelly and dirty. jen showed me the office and i met some nice people, then we went to muddy waters for double soy-milk hazelnut lattes, yum. we talked and laughed and laughed some more. it was great to see her and catch up on the past few months. it was also great to return her books and videotape, because i felt a little guilty hanging on to them for so long. anyway, it was fun. for as comfortable as i am with jen, i always do that weird “do i hug her hi/bye” dithering. must commit to one way or the other, and follow through.

i took a late bus home, which meant a long, quiet return. that was much needed after the hectic nature of this past week. as i rode past the downtown civic center, i felt a little nostalgic, and even grumpy, but it passed as soon as the spooky lady on geary stared right through the tinted bus-glass and into me.

a few minutes before my stop, a young man boarded the bus and sat in the front row (as i was). he chatted amiably with the driver about local sports and then about his position as “a journeyman painter, at least until my massage therapy practice gets off the ground.” i was entertained by his enthusiasm and by his ambition. when we neared my stop, i had to climb over the woman who had fallen asleep next to me; she would not budge even though she was half-awake, i saw her eyelids flip open and then shut! the driver, the painter/therapist and i all laughed as i finally slid past her and out the door. as the doors shut, i heard the painter/therapist note loudly, “she’s cute!” which got me laughing all over again.

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