day one

my first day on the job without supervision has so far gone stupendously. i have started small: clean the alcove. (we’re sensing a borg theme here – first the headset, now my alcove. what’s up with that?) well, the computer and phone are on a little desklike construction that’s between a wall and a copier, and under lots of shelving, so it forms a little alcove. cozy, really. it was also a pigsty before i attacked it this morning. now it is obscenely organized and even disinfected. i know it’s disinfected because the solvent ate most of the skin off my hands before i thought to put gloves on. oops.

i got so into the whole cleaning, skin-dissolving thing that i forgot to take my mid-morning break, and almost forgot to take a lunch. if it hadn’t been for the leftover grilled salmon and brussels sprouts, i may have skipped it entirely. now, back to work with me. next task: sorting through today’s mail. that should take the rest of the day.

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