chris and clay arrived, their moms in tow, in california yesterday. chris is newly-graduated from high school, while clay has already been out a year. they both attended the high school that chad used to teach at, that’s how we all met. they’ll be going to the college of marin this fall, instead of in their home state of alabama.

it’s wigging chad and me out a little to see them here, to interact with them here. once someone is so firmly of another place, seeing them in your place can be a bit confusing. still, it’ll be lots of fun once we get used to it, i’m sure. they have the unfortunate “where do we live” question to answer yet. that, i don’t envy them at all.

last night, chad and i worked some more on his website. i stayed up, chatting with ryan on icq, and then started to crash. i read a little more of house of leaves before bed. i have michael to thank for the subsequent nightmares. see, i wasn’t having nightmares about the book until he went and asked if i was. so, hey, michael, thanks. no, really.

today is my writing day, so i’m off, coffee in hand, to edit the one-act that is currently kicking my ass. c’mere, you …

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