end of daze

auoooogah, says the foghorn. i think i am emerging from the daze i’ve been in, trying to soak up new-job stuff. don’t get me wrong, i’m still exhausted, and this is still an enormous project that will never be finished.

funny, i like those best.

so i can see the corners of the table now. i spent the majority of today shelving samples and updating the california code of regulations binders (some of those had a backlog of, er, years). every hour or so i’ll happen upon a wonderful surprise, like my favorite color in a soft, rich fabric square, or a color i hadn’t seen before within the little dandelion-heads of carpet bits.

and yes, there are regular books, reference books of all shapes and sizes, plus “trade rags” in addition to the usual assortment of newsy periodicals. but other than the general similarities, this library is unique, a little intimidating, wholly captivating. it’s already home.

we had a good bonding moment today. people in the office have been bugging me about “the wooden man” – “find the wooden man yet?” and “can you bring the wooden man back please?” and so i’ve been on the lookout for him. found him just a little while ago, smothered between a spanish-english dictionary and a specs binder, just his little barbie-sized legs sticking out. he’s fully poseable, see, and i think that’s why he was so popular … and so unpopular with the old librarian. she may not have appreciated all the ways in which he could be posed. i dusted him off and seated him jauntily on the top corner of my monitor, then snuggled up my little stuffed kitten under his arm. who knows how i’ll find them posed on monday.

i’m looking forward to it.

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