mashed brains

i have been trying to write something, anything, about my day for the past twenty-four minutes. nada. my brains are mashed.

there is this huge, wonderful table in the library, gleaming white, and it is piled with stuff to be put away. i mean piled, too. piled. and since i don’t know where everything goes yet, it’s a very slow process. very.

(note to self: you sound ever so witty when you repeat yourself in lieu of actual commentary. ever so.)

this table will be clean someday. it’s so big i’ll have to climb upon it to wipe it down with disinfectant.

i do love my new job. it’s just going to take a while for me to adjust, to learn how things go, how long certain tasks take, how much i can bug people via email before they turn on me … hah.

speaking of email, i don’t have much spare time but i am once again desked and computered. my new workstation is a little cranky but functioning. much like me.

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