i nomad, i just confused

all of a sudden i have discovered that the rest of my week is going to be nomadic. i won’t really have a home in the library until the old librarian leaves, and i’ll definitely be vacating the front desk today, after the new receptionist gets done with her paperwork and is ready for training.

(on that note, she came in this morning and exclaimed that our switchboard was just like the switchboard at the last place she worked. this saves me a lot of training time!)

i don’t really mind floating … for about an hour. then it gets confusing. i like having a home, a desk that’s mine, a computer that’s mine, and in this case, a library that’s mine. anyone who’s seen me confused knows it’s not a pretty sight; i either get angry or slap-happy as a result, sometimes both, which is my particular brand of frustrated sarcasm.

however, i’ll have to chill the fuck out, because it is just a few days, and then i will be ensconced in libraria once more. i’d live in a tent in the desert for that.

okay, no. but let’s pretend yes.

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